Why are jingles so effective?

Why do jingles work? I bet you have a few running around your head! Here's why...

As a child, I first learned to speak, and then to read.

The process of learning to read is a slow and laborious process. I remember watching my children beginning to read, as they mentally translated the letters into sounds, reading the text out loud at first, then silently (but still moving their lips).

When we’re reading, a connection has to be made between the written word and the aural sound that’s already stored in our brains.

As adults it’s something that we do much more rapidly. But we’re still ‘hearing’ the sounds that the words make – in our mind. We’re still translating from visual to aural.

So over the years, brands have used jingles – because we process sounds more quickly than words.

And sounds are easier to remember too.

For many brands, these ‘audio logos’ are just as important as the visual identity. Close your eyes, and you’ll still recognise the brand.

I’m lovin’ it.

Ho ho ho, Green Giant.

Intel inside.

The Direct Line phone.

As young children, we learn a lot from music, song and rhythmic mnemonics. Nursery rhymes stay embedded in our memories for a lifetime.

Baa baa black sheep. You know the rest.