So your marketing isn’t working? Don’t get down about it. Get to work

So your marketing isn't working as well as you thought? Don't get down about it, get back to work...

So your marketing isn’t working? Deal with it.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t give a toss about your advertising.

It interrupts us. Gets in the way.

And most of us don’t trust it.

Occasionally we’ll stop and listen because we happen to be in the market.

And very, VERY rarely, we’ll respond to something we’d not previously considered.

But mostly, it washes over us. Ignored.

How does that make you feel?

That your audience really doesn’t care about the marketing campaign you’ve slavishly worked on and paid for?

Get used to it. Accept it.

And use that knowledge to make your marketing better.

Get better at knowing your audience, what they care about. What’s happening in their lives? How are they feeling? What problems do they face?

Get better at understanding the competition and what they’re talking about. Not to mimic, but to find a gap.

And get better at identifying how your offer addresses customer needs better than your competitors could ever do.

Marketing DOES work, there are plenty of examples where intelligent marketing has made all the difference in otherwise commoditised markets.

But it takes real application and diligence.

90% perspiration. 10% inspiration.

Upset that your marketing isn’t having the impact you want?

Don’t get down about it. Just get to work.