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Clearly that headline is only there to grab attention, it’s not an idea we’d genuinely entertain at The Really Helpful Marketing Company. But what role should humour play in B2B marketing communications? That’s an interesting question.
Marketing in four steps
I was reading Seth’s Blog recently and came across this little gem of a post from a few years back – it really gets to the heart of how to be successful in marketing, so give it a read – and the great news is, it’s not very long!
As marketers, we’d like to think that we’re in control of our own brand narrative. But reality (and human nature) dictates that we’re not. So, when customer perception of our brand is not what we want it to be, what can we do about it?
Executives at conference table holding score cards, portrait
We all have personal preference when it comes to art and creativity. Sometimes something just grabs us, and sometimes it doesn’t. But when you’re judging creative for advertising, there’s no room for subjectivity.
War, inflation, floods, earthquakes, interest rate rises, profiteering energy companies and the climate crisis; this year’s crop of Christmas ads are somewhat reliant on our ability to compartmentalise.
Have you ever been in a meeting talking about your proposition, and felt like you’re talking in a foreign language? Well, maybe that’s because one person’s proposition is someone else’s value proposition – the two terms often get used interchangeably – but they’re not the same.
Every year as we approach Halloween, we post the same ad on social media, or on our blog and challenge readers to find a better example of advertising at Halloween.