Read this if social media marketing isn’t working for you

Businesses do too much social media for too little effect.
All we need is more likes. Is social media not working for you?

I’ve often said that too many businesses do too much social media for too little effect.

Take a look at business posts on Linked In and Facebook and you’ll find the work of marketers and business owners who are trying and failing to get any meaningful engagement on social media.

If that’s you, here are few things to think about.

1. When you’re getting your #content out there have you ever really thought about who you’re trying to talk to?

2. What have you done to expand your network with those people? Are you inviting them to connect?

3. What does your target market care about? Do your posts answer questions they may have? Or stimulate debate?

4. What role does social media play in your marketing plan?

5. Do you even have a #marketing plan?

6. What are you competitors saying on social media? Have you got anything to say that’s different?

7. Instead of doing more posts, try doing fewer. If you’re not getting any #engagement with what you’re doing now, doing less of it won’t hurt.

8. And one well targeted, well thought-through post might get you more engagement than 30 ‘so what?’ posts.

Give your social media marketing some purpose. Make sure you understand the role it plays in your marketing plan.

And if you don’t have a plan… hmmm. We need to talk.