How simple is your message?

In marketing, simplicity works.
Swiss Life simple marketing

In marketing, simplicity works.

It’s a simple fact.

If you want your message to cut through the adverting noise, the content clutter and the marketing mayhem, then you’ve got to get to the point.


In the words of Bill Bernbach, “you can’t sell a man who isn’t listening”.

Focus on one thing.

It’s particularly important when dealing with complex products and services.

Financial planning is a pretty dull subject. Not easy to get engagement.

But this campaign from Swiss Life cuts through the financial mumbo jumbo and identifies the common need.

Life changes.

So you need a flexible financial plan.

It’s a simple message. Clever execution.

It gets attention.

No need for the detail.

Not yet.

Get your audience interested first.

Then sell product.

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