Does your brand tell a good story?

We all love a good story.
Does your brand tell a good story?

We all love a good story.

In childhood, stories teach us about life. They entertain. They help us form opinions. They stimulate the imagination.

We’re addicted to stories. In books, in film, in comics, in TV.

A well-told story enables us to enter different worlds, to escape. To be someone else.

Stories help us to connect with the storyteller.


When we hear facts, we process data. But when we hear stories, the sensory centers in our brains become active, and levels of oxytocin in the brain are increased.

Oxytocin boosts feelings like trust and empathy.

Your brain reacts as if you are experiencing it yourself. You’re there with the storyteller.

So a good story builds a deep connection between the storyteller and the listener or reader. We connect on a deeper level.

In Nike’s 1999 Michael Jordan career 1-minute long commemoration ad, there was no mention of the brand until the closing seconds.

They simply told an authentic story.

It connected with people. It resonated.

It sold product.

Not with features. Not with product benefits.

But with a well-constructed narrative.

Humans are empathetic creatures. We are emotionally wired to connect with stories. They draw us in and make us feel part of something bigger than ourselves.

So focus on your brand story. Make a connection. Engage your audience. Stimulate their brain.

Then you can tell them what you’re selling.

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