The Really Helpful Marketing Pandemic Poll

Let's all discover how COVID-19 is affecting how businesses approach the marketing of their products and services...
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Since the Covid-19 pandemic changed everything in March this year we’ve had 6 months of change – social distancing, facemasks, changes in working practices, changes in market demand, furloughing, pivoting… The world is virtually unrecognisable from this time last year – and the future is uncertain.

What is clear is that many e-commerce businesses appear to be doing well. And any involved in the supply of PPE are making hay – whilst high street retailers, many charities and the hospitality industry are struggling. And let’s not even mention those that manufacture bog roll…

From a marketing perspective, we’ve seen huge changes to business as usual. Whilst we’re aware of some businesses cutting back on their marketing spend in a bid to save money, others have seen the opportunity ahead of them, and are investing to ensure they come out of this period in front of the competition.

We’ve endured a roller-coaster of a ride too, and luckily we seem to have weathered the storm for now. We’ve actually managed to realise some new opportunities – with both existing and new clients. While taking the time to focus on getting our own house in order. Updating marketing plans, refreshing the brand and website, to ensure we are best placed to bounce back as best as we possibly can.

But we’re aware that what we’re seeing is a microcosm of the mood in marketing – so we thought we’d try a survey to understand the picture better, so that we can all learn from the subsequent results and analysis.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the following – we look forward to sharing the results with you soon.

And as a little thank you for participating, we’ll pick one person out of the hat and donate £100 to help support a charity that’s close to their heart.