Is FOMO clouding your strategic judgement?

Nobody likes feeling they’ve been left behind.
Fear of missing out

Nobody likes feeling they’ve been left behind. We often uncomfortable if we think we’re going to miss an opportunity.

The Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a concept that’s utilised by marketers the world over.

Browse hotels on and you’ll be told how many other people have looked at the room, that your dates are popular, that this hotel is in high demand.

All intended to get us to take action, to push us through the sales funnel – faster.

But us marketers are susceptible to FOMO too.

We look at our competitors and see that they’re active on social media. We assume they know something we don’t, and so we do the same thing.

We keep throwing content out there. And we hastag the hell out of it.

But how much of it is valuable to our target audience? How much engagement do we get? Is your content a ‘must read’?

And who is your audience? Who are your followers?

How are you attracting new followers? New prospects?

How are you leading them through the sales funnel?

We need to ask ourselves what role content plays in our wider marketing strategy.

Does your social media marketing have a clear purpose?

Or are you spending time and effort, mechanically churning out content because you’re worried that you’re not keeping up with the Jones’?

Is FOMO clouding your judgement?