☆Afraid of being different?☆

Does being different seem risky?
One sheep standing in a field. Afraid of being different?

It’s odd how many B2B businesses look and sound the same as everyone else in their market.

Why do so many fall into this trap?

Does being different seem risky? Is it safer to be part of the herd?

When a potential customer is on the lookout for a new service provider, they’ve usually got a plethora to choose from.

Accountants, solicitors, financial advisers – they all do the same thing, right? They say the same stuff, look the same way.

Lose the logo, and it could be anyone.

Try that sometime. Take a screen shot of your home page and drop a competitor’s logo onto it. Could it be them?

If the answer is yes, you’ve got a problem.

You don’t stand out.

And in the recession we’re facing, not standing out is a BIG problem.

A very different look and feel can be a powerful differentiator in itself for this very reason.

At least you’ll be noticed. A foot in the door.

But if you can also differentiate your message, you’ll be onto something.

It’s better to be interesting to a few, than be ignored by all.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone – that way you’ll only end up sounding like everyone else.

That way lies anonymity.

Don’t play it safe. Don’t be afraid of being different.

Be afraid of being the same as everyone else.