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Developing a marketing strategy can be daunting. But our step-by-step approach created by our expert marketing strategy consultants breaks down the process into manageable bitesize chunks, to create a clear and actionable plan, that delivers the results you’re looking for.

For practical marketing that works

    Really Simple Marketing

    Some marketing strategists would have you believe that strategy is a complex beast. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Ultimately marketing is about persuasion – we persuade customers to buy our product over and above the other choices available to them. We persuade them to continue buying and build loyalty.

    Keeping Focus

    Maintaining focus is the key to success and effective marketing strategy relies on good market insight – so we always start there. We’ll work with you to build a picture of your target audience, your competitor landscape and your business strengths. We’ll identify the most likely & cost effective routes to market and build a practical plan from there.

    Tried and Tested Marketing Strategy

    A step-by-step approach for bigger brand impact


    In the early stages we’ll work with you to understand your business, your ambitions and objectives – and to assess the relevance and suitability of your current brand architecture and marketing assets before agreeing the scope of the project. Brand refresh or brand new? We’ll help you make the right decision.


    We’ll undertake budget-friendly insight work to understand your target audience, your competitor offerings and your own core brand truths and strengths. Whether through workshops, staff interviews, data analysis or customer research, we’ll identify the nuggets that can give you a competitive edge.


    Here’s where the diligent work begins to take shape as a brand idea. We’ll develop your brand positioning and your core narrative – the story you need to tell, or elevator pitch you want to make – that sets you apart from the field. And we bring it to life visually through brand concepts and ideas that set the future direction for the brand.


    From concepts and ideas to practical delivery of communications in the field. Brand identity and tone of voice guidelines, website development, social media architecture – whatever is required to support your marketing activity, we can deliver it. Plus we have the experience and project management skills to help you embed the brand within the business, and encourage your teams to live the brand every single day.

    Complete Utilities

    Brand development + Web design + Outsourced marketing

    Breast Cancer Now

    Analytics + Journey/proposition development + Communications development


    Brand positioning + Visual identity + Marketing strategy


    Rebrand + Web design + Communications plan

    A Really Helpful team of Marketing Strategy consultants


    With huge experience of developing winning strategies across consumer and B2B markets, from financial services to fundraising, and from manufacturing to management consultants – at Really Helpful Marketing, we have the experience and know how to help your business get the results it needs.

    And we’re a friendly bunch too – so go on, give our marketing strategy consultants a call 01452 312211 or drop us a note at It can’t hurt to have a chat!